Hourglass of Perceived Time

Released In:
Author (in-game): Clockwork Apostle Ralam Falen

Falen Notes of Clockwork Apostle Ralam Falen

Excerpts Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Log 32

Subject 15A shows increasing signs of agitation. I suspect he may have discovered the experiments perimeters, though to what extent I’m unsure. Still unsure how this may impact current testing.

Subject 15B has begun to lapse sentences together, though this may only be true from an outsider perspective. She most likely is speaking in complete sentences from her own worldview. Her temperament remains the most positive, but given that she has only perceived her capture to be two days I can only think that would be the case.

Subject 15C has begun to go into a catatonic state. He reacts little to the other test subjects, and has begun long fits of sobbing. I fear he may no longer be viable for testing. By my calculations, he will have perceived his capture as being over five years at this point.

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