Public Notice

Author: Author:Berel Sala
Released In:

WELL-BELOVED PEOPLE OF MORROWIND! TAKE HEED! TAKE WARNING! The outlaw named [Player Name], stated trade of [Player Class], lately called ‘Incarnate’ and ‘Nerevarine,’ now is shown to the investigating Ordinators and Magistrates of this district to be an agent in the pay of the Imperial Intelligence Service. This outlaw’s claims are false. The prophecies this outlaw cites are discredited. The dishonest character and base purposes of the outlaw in perpetrating this hoax are now made clear to all observers. [Player Name] is sought for various crimes by Ordinators and town guards. Report all encounters with this outlaw to the proper authorities. If you see this outlaw in public, give the alarm.

Published by the authority of the Temple, the Order of the Watch, Magistrates of Vvardenfel District, under the signature and authority of Grandmaster Berel Sala, Captain of the Watch. Hear and Heed!

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