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The Ghost of the Green

Treethane Einisse

We children of the sap recognize many great heroes: Elthonor the Barkborn, the Many-Tales Wolf, Fildunor Boughbrow, and others. But no hero, living or dead, rivals the glory of Z'en's avenger, the Ghost of the Green.

Unlike the shiny, boastful heroes of men and mer, the Ghost stalks through the forests of history quietly—only occasionally drawing back his mighty bowstring to smite the enemies of the Green. His spirit is timeless but his patience is thin. When our people call upon him with sacrifices of deer hearts and boar tusks, a righteous execution follows soon after.

You will know him by his green leathers, his frightful skull, and the tokens he leaves behind: a fern frond, a razor-sharp arrow of Wood Elf make, and the corpse of one who would assault our people. Once he is summoned, no one can escape his wrath. On the day of smoke and summoning, the sacred deer must die. On the day of the Ghost's fury, our enemy must die. Death is inevitable. Such is the way of things in Yffre's domain.