Burnt Deciphered Text

Author: Cariel
Released In:

… and that’s what has me worried. I know we always talk about how dangerous my people could be if they reframed their point of view. Well, the Recollection is all those fears come home to roost. I’ve tried to make the King understand but the Thalmor and working with the new Mane keep him endlessly busy with politics. I know we’re spread thin but …

… I guess the best way I can describe them is growth pods. A whole cavern full of them down beneath the jungle. They took the Greenspeaker magic and turned it on living things. I’m sorry Raz, but I think these monsters used to be Khajiit. Senche-raht, if the bodies they left behind are any indication. Twisted and changed, like the Greenspeaker magic does to the forest. I have no idea what template or ideal they were aiming for. But it’s the stuff of nightmares. The few pages they hadn’t destroyed called them “Tharrikers.” It’s a colorful interpretation of some old Bosmeri words, something like “Forest Raider” or “Forest Hunter.”

I’ll alert our people but do we even have anyone deployed into the weald right now? Let’s talk about options when we meet up.

Keep to your feet,
– Cariel

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