The Green Ladies’ Abode

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

Entry Donation: 1 gold

Welcome to Deepwoods, abode of the former and current Green Ladies of Malabal Tor!

Our first Green Lady, Finoriell, was revealed as Green Lady later than customary, by which time she lived in Velyn Harbor. She served well, and upon her passing, the search began for the next Green Lady.

Blessed Deepwoods proved once again to foster the fortitude required in Finoriell’s niece, Gwaering, who demonstrated the physical prowess, cunning, and strength expected of the Green Lady.

Within Deepwoods, you may see Gwaering and Finoriell’s home, as well as many of the places where they once hunted. Gwaering in particular showed early aptitude with the bow, with a high kill ratio from her tenderest years.

The Green Lady is not a mere symbol of virtue, she holds within her the ability to channel her strength to the Bosmer as needed upon completion of her investiture.

Within a fortnight of her selection, preparations began for Gwaering’s handfasting with the Silvenar.

The celebrations will continue for many months following the formal handfast ceremony, which takes place in the city of Silvenar.

Please enjoy your visit to Deepwoods, however long or short your stay!

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