Mzulft Researcher’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

3rd Sun’s Dawn, 2E 129

Assuming I’m interpreting these scrolls correctly, this orb, when magically charged, retains images within its cloudy depths. The scrolls depict it containing information on two specific topics: the use of Dwemer soul gems and maps of Dwemer installations.

Obviously, the mage-scholars will want the information about soul gems, but the maps are more interesting to me. As-yet-unearthed Dwemer ruins may contain much more valuable knowledge, although the mages would balk at passing on practical information that can be used right now. There’s a lecture on the relative value of a bird-in-the-hand in my immediate future.

Imprinting an orb appears simple. I just need to hold one near one of these Dwemer memory devices (the ones with the crystals) and the energy will rush into it, along with the associated information. But I’d need to find an orb to copy the information to. That’s more of an issue. All I’ve found are glass shards, and the few intact orbs I’ve found have been smashed in altercations with the constructs. They seem to want to destroy the orbs rather than let me have one.

Wait a moment. Something’s happening. Why are the vault doors closing?

4th Sun’s Dawn, 2E 129

I’m estimating on the time. It’s probably the next day by now. The vault doors have closed behind me, and are quite thoroughly locked. I’ll have to come up with a different way to escape. I did find an intact orb in the sacks here, but I’m going to wait to use it until I’m sure I can get out of here.

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