Lessons of the Pit

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Author (in-game): Pitmaster Ugthashag

Read closely, initiates, because I won’t be writing this more than once. You’re here to learn the ways of combat from some of the greatest warriors in Tamriel. Oathsworn are careful, cunning warriors. If you want to prove your courage by hacking everything to pieces, join the Undaunted.

What’s the oath, you might be asking. It’s not to shame everyone on the field of battle. Fight well. Fight intelligently. And fight alongside the other Oathsworn. Remember, Malauch is the Prince of the Bloody Oath and the Defender of the Betrayed. If you turn your back on another Oathsworn, you turn your back on Malauch. Then no one will lock shields with you again.

In order to fulfill your oath, you will work your way through the three lodges of the pit. First, the Lodge of the Fist. Weapons are a privilege and not earned by initiates. You will learn to tamper your temper by getting punched in the nose. You will learn to be quick in your boots or you won’t. You will learn to fight against enemies who have weapons, and you will learn to win.

When the leaders of the Lodge of the Fist decide you are ready, you will move to the Lodge of the Axe. There, you’ll be instructed in all manner of weapons. You will learn how they move and how to move with them. You will learn how they break and how to fight with the pieces (unlike some Breton knights who surrender themselves the second they lose their blade). And because you already mastered the lessons from the Lodge of the Fist, you will train knowing that a weapon isn’t more important than being a weapon.

Like before, once the lodge leaders decide that you’ve learned all there is to learn in the Lodge of the Axe, you will move to the Lodge of the Forge. This is where the greatest and hardest lessons are hammered into initiates. You will learn that true power lies with the forgemasters, not the warriors. That to stand tall in front of the furnace is more painful than any wound. And you will learn that you have the capacity for anything inside you. The Forge is where Oathsworn are made.

Now, I hope you remember this. Otherwise your journey through the pit will take a lot longer.

Pitmaster Ugthashag

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