The Furstock Song

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Clever Dagi, agile Suthay, burly Pahmar, Senche-raht,
When Azurah gave out presents, she sure gave us a lot,
Handsome Cathay, nimble Tojay, sneaky Ohmes and Alfiq,
So many shapes and sizes, that’s what makes us unique!

Now, we all adore the Dagi, who love climbing trees,
Far better than the Wood Elves with their pink and knobby knees,
They swing between the branches with quickness and real ease,
As lovely as a feather in a light midsummer breeze.


Here’s some good advice: just leave the Senches alone,
Their claws are sharp as razors and their jaws can break your bone,
They’ll rip an Elf to pieces in the blink of an eye,
So only pick a fight if you are eager to die!


Our dear old mum, Azurah, made the Alfiq so small,
That when they hunker down you just can’t see them at all,
They say that it is magic! Who am I to argue?
There really is no limit to the things Khajiit can do!


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