The Daedric Flame

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kalsius Malik

A Guide to the Power of Daedric Flames, Volume 3, by Kalsius Malik

The strange blue flames of Coldharbour not only act as a light source, but the Daedra of this realm have also found a way to charge and run their bizarre Daedric machines with the stuff.

Similar to how we use normal fire to keep warm and cook food back in Nirn, this strange blue flame—which is icy to the touch—will charge various Daedric devices and incantations with power. I believe they use it as a fuel to bring their magical creations to life.

The secret is in the blue braziers. With just a touch, the power flows from the brazier into the individual like a curious wisp following an interesting target. You have to utilize and harness the power quickly, for the flame loses potency almost immediately upon being removed from its source.

For users to harness this power in any way, they need to be quick before the flame simply flickers and fades away.

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