Understanding House Indoril

Released In:
Author (in-game): Andor Indoril

By Andor Indoril, Grand Historian for the House, Written in the 57th Year of the Golden Peace

Founded early in the First Era, House Indoril has always been a political powerhouse. Orthodox and conservative in our beliefs and outlooks, we have always been firm proponents of traditional Dunmer customs and practices.

For House Indoril, religion stands as our most cherished institution. We revere our blessed ancestors. We honor the Good Daedra, specifically Boethiah, Mephala, and Azura. And we celebrate the saints, including Veloth and Aralor.

House Indoril believes that Dunmer culture must be preserved at all costs. Change is the enemy of tradition, and it will weaken our strong foundation if we allow it to take root.

House Indoril doesn’t see outsiders and non-Dunmer as inherently evil and dangerous, and no outsider is forbidden from visiting Indoril territory. But housekin must always remain vigilant and observant. Every visitor must be watched carefully, for a watched thief never steals, as Grandmaster Bestin taught us at the beginning of the age.

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