The Storm and the Sunflower

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

(A song of the Systres)

Do you hear the waves, my sunflower?
The seas brought us together, now they’ll tear us apart.
I’ll breathe my last soon, sunflower,
And die with a scar of love upon my heart,
Content we dared to dream that we might end this war we didn’t start.

Bend your head now, sunflower
Kiss me with the soft petals of your lips one final time.
Pull me close, my sunflower,
The love we dared to share was not a crime.
We’d have known Mara’s grace had we but world enough and time.

And when you taste the prick of raindrops, imagine each one a kiss
And when you feel wind upon your face, know it’s my hands’ gentle caress
And when you hear the distant thunder, that’s me murmuring your name
Who knew when lightning met the sunflower, we would set the field aflame?

Will you remember me, my sunflower,
And all the dreams we had of being wed and wild and free?
Or will you follow me, my sunflower,
Remembering what we’d forfeit just so you and I could be?
Don’t gasp and pray for rain when you might drink deeply of the sea.

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