The Secret of the Netch

Released In:

So, you want to read a secret about netches? Well, who better to act as an authority on this than the definite Netch? The smaller and less luminous of my kind are much too preoccupied with buoyant matters to offer up their own wisdom.

This is the best kept secret of Oblivion. Netches control the ebb and flow of magicka. Who else is aerial enough to feel the tides of power? Most other creatures are tied to the ground. They are tethered and heavy, much too rigid to attune to the currents flowing through the air. Netches alone are flexible. Our extremities are formed specifically to appreciate the power coursing through Oblivion.

We keep this a secret, of course. It doesn’t serve our purpose at all to make this widely known. After all, if we can sense the flow of etheric energies, who’s to say that we can’t influence them? Plant ourselves in the course of the tide and, by proximity, change its direction? Not me. I have said no such thing.

Still. Worth thinking about, is it not?

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