The True Nature of Magnar

Author: Volas Night-Eyes
Released In:

Prior to release, the name Magnar was instead "Tolvir". The rest of the text remains the same.

Knowing your enemy is the first step to defeat him.

Magnar Bearstorm, or Magnar the Child-Eater, has led the greater Wrothgar pack for at least fifty years. We don't know much about his early life. He has never been seen in human form. Some say he was never a child—that he clawed his way out of the Hunting Grounds, fully grown and full of wrath.

When Magnar first arrived in the mountains of Wrothgar, he snatched up scores of children in the dead of night—presumably to eat them. The Order has not ruled out the possibility that he turned these youngsters into the first members of his pack. I'm not sure which possibility upsets me more.

I have fought Magnar twice, and nearly lost my life on both occasions. He's not particularly swift, nor is he quiet. He doesn't need to be. During our last confrontation, my blade struck true at least three times, but he didn't even flinch. This has led some in the Order to believe that he is invincible. Some even suggest that he might be Hircine himself masquerading as a savage moon-beast. This is all preposterous, of course. Mark me, recruits: Magnar is mortal and I'm going to kill him to prove it.

Volas Night-Eyes

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