The Raneviad, Volume II

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

And so it came to pass that Ranev the Coal-Eyed Wanderer, cousin to Thelmyra the Oak and most loved by King Irndarus, traveled to the Stone of Hosiven to pay her respects to the heroes of old. It was here that she discovered the Gray Menhir.

The stone loomed over Ranev, dwarfing her and casting a long shadow over the land and water. Ranev was greatly impressed by the size of the standing stone, for she was known for her strength and great height. To her amazement, she watched as words were carved into the stone, struck with great precision by unknown, invisible hands to create a tablet of sorts. The tablet exhorted her with the following words:

"Heed the Stars, O pilgrim, and undertake their quest. Seek their six virtues, hewn into stone. Bear each command with a noble heart and return with the utmost speed. For only the swift and the just shall receive celestial favor."

Reading these words, Ranev's chest swelled with great purpose. She resolved to take up the stone's challenge and seek the virtues of the Stars. She meditated in front of the Gray Menhir and sang a warrior's hymn before setting out to complete her pilgrimage.

Ranev traveled swifting, visiting each of the six holy sites in turn. At each site, the warrior had to overcome dangerous creatures, foul beasts, and other challenges to find the prayer markers and receive the six virtues. She returned to the Gray Menhir within the allotted time, victorious, with the virtues of the Stars singing inside her. She pledged to embody the virtues until the end of her days. From that point on, Ranev the Coal-Eyed Wanderer became known as Ranev the Favored of the Stars.

And her adventures were just beginning.

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