Conversations with Sleeps-Fitfully

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The following is a transcription of a conversation between an Argonian about to enter the Chorus and their handler, Cipher Veeli.

SLEEPS-FITFULLY: It won’t hurt, will it?

CIPHER VEELI: As I understand it, entering the Chorus is akin to going to sleep.

SLEEPS-FITFULLY: And what is it like while I’m there?

CIPHER VEELI: The Chorus is a place where the minds and voices of all those who agree to Hermaeus Mora’s experiment are joined. A vision that is shared, so to speak.

SLEEPS-FITFULLY: So nothing bad can happen to me in there?

CIPHER VEELI: Of course not. Your mind is safe while in the Chorus. And your body remains here, tended to by myself and the other Ciphers for the duration of your stay.”

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