Champions of Dra’bul

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Brigeera gra-Tor, killer of a hundred mammoths. Able to break skulls with just her thumbs.

Grish the Scaled, whose breeches were made from the skins of Argonians he slew.

Duzhal of the Wastes, traveling champion of the woods. Best-known for defeating the previous champion by biting through his neck while it was still encased in armor.

Ritrag gro-Forment, eater of spiders and poisonous snakes. Said to spew venom into his challengers’ eyes.

Makgruk gro-Basgurum, also known as the Healer. Reduced his opponents’ suffering by removing their heads.

The Maiden Lashki. Intimidated her enemies by wearing a dress made from her victims’ scalps.

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