A Daedric Proposal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Galdrus Salobar


Galdrus Salobar The belief that someone could fully resurrect a dead creature should be disregarded as pointless. Especially when considering what we know about the souls of vampires, such an endeavor may be even considered dangerous. Attempting to thwart the desires of Molag Bal could bring his wrath down upon you, my lady, which would be ruinous for our clan. I hear word of plans for such a project and I firmly warn you to avoid collaboration.

Instead, I propose an alternative. A certain ritual I learned while studying soulworking deep in some ancient catacombs beneath Morrowind. Once performed, we can force Daedric spirits to reside within the cadavers of our fallen brethren. This reanimates the flesh so that they may execute basic martial functions, such as wielding a sword. If bound correctly, they will follow our commands to the letter. These shall be the perfect heavy shock troops for your new legion.

This ritual requires a great deal of soul energy to power it, and a practitioner who could easily communicate with the wild Daedra. I know of just the entity (or should I say entities) that could be pressed into such service.

With my lady’s permission, I shall begin preparations.

Galdrus Salobar, Sanguimancer Supreme

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