Letter to Faral

Author: Mongannor
Released In:


I know you told me to keep a close eye on the bog blights, and believe me, I have! I set up the pahnjee fumers just like you said—plenty of old rotten meat to mask our scent. But Faral, you really need to reconsider my plan. I've been studying them, see? Taking notes on how they move, how they hunt, how they—you know—burst. If we could harness some of that power, the boys back at Blackrose would treat us like bloody heroes!

First thing to consider: we know where to find them and how to wake them up. No real mysteries here, right? You just find a nest of those Argonian grave-stakes that keep the Argonian bodies pinned beneath the water and pull them up! Sometimes the bodies just sort of float to the surface, sure. But every so often, we find an undead goldmine like this. I wish I could figure out what makes the dead wake up out here. Something in the water, right? Got to be. Only the Nagas can drink it, after all. I accidently caught a mouthful of it a few years back and damn-near retched myself to death.

Catching the blights would be messy, but straightforward, I think. With a couple Blackguards, a bundle of rope, and some patience, we'd have a few in no time. The trick is keeping them from exploding.

Honestly, that's the one thing I haven't quite figured out. I know that if you leave a corpse out too long, it gasses up like a bellows. But the eruptions are so sudden, and so violent. And I'm pretty sure the bog blights do it on purpose—rushing people, then popping like a pumpkin struck by a hammer.

There's a lot left to figure out, sure. But that's why we need to catch a few! At least discuss it with Drakeeh and that lot, all right?


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