The Direfrost Flame

Released In:
Author (in-game): Thorvild Direfrost

The Direfrost Flame and the Torch of Heirs

I will always be able to speak to my son through the Torch and Flame, but when he passes, it is he who will be summoned when the Flame is lit. I write this for the benefit of all my descendants, then, who will inherit the Direfrost Flame and the Torch of Heirs in ages to come. I write this because I have seen our resolve weaken as our people expand across Skyrim. I write this to serve as a reminder for what the Torch and Flame truly stand for.

To start at the beginning, Direfrost Keep has long protected our family’s Flame, which allows us to contact our ancestors in Sovngarde. We need only to light it with the Torch of Heirs.

Many legends speak of the origin of these relics: that they were created by Meridia to distress the Daedra; or by Shor as a way for the dead god to communicate with the Nords of Nirn from Sovngarde (though no Direfrost has ever heard him through the Flame).

The truth has been lost to time, but the one commonality that all the legends share is that the Flame and the Torch were given to the Direfrost family to protect because of our absolute efficiency in battling witches and their Daedric masters. Even should the Flame go out forever, or the Torch be lost or rent in twain by Hagraven servants of Oblivion, this fact must remain:

The Direfrosts must never falter in their task to halt and destroy the worshipers of Daedra wherever they may be found. So long as a Direfrost lives, witches, and all who would commune with Daedra, will have an enemy. Witch-hunting is not the profession of the Direfrosts—it is our sacred calling. And I charge any Direfrost who reads this to continue the battle. It’s a battle that cannot be won, but we must ensure the witches never win it, either.

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