Sacred Waters of the Shining Sea

Released In:
Author (in-game): Moon-Bishop Shavka

Pelitine is Jone and Jode’s blessed kingdom, a land rich in sacred sugar. Even the shores brim with the Twin Moons’ bounty. In truth, all the moonlight shining down upon the tides flows into Topal Bay and gathers in our holy sanctuary, the Moonlit Cove. Here, sheltered from the harsh rays of the daytime sun, the soothing glow of the infused moonlight fills the natural cavern with the serene calm of the night sky.

These blessed waters provide succor for the mind, body, and soul. Khajiit from all over Elsweyr come to bathe within the Moonshine Shoal or at our sacred shrines, where they cast off their ills to emerge spotless and refreshed. For only the tiniest of donations and a refundable towel deposit, you too can behold the wonders of the cove and be rejuvenated in its sanctified waters. Our Moon-Priests look forward to tending to your purification.

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