Jaunt of the Jilted

Released In:
Author (in-game): Relicmaster Glenadir (Transcriber)

The Jaunt of the Jilted, A Play in One Act

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Narrator: Once lived two mer of good family and good standing. They were matched together from an early age, and once they were grown a wedding was planned.

Noldinwe: Oh, how I long for our glorious wedding day!

Narrator: But young Quarnel had his doubts. He wished to marry for love.

Quarnel: I’m sorry Noldinwe, but I don’t love you. I must break our engagement.

Narrator: Noldinwe would go on to find another suitor, but she never forgot Quarnel’s betrayal. Fueled by that hatred, she cursed a pair of shoes. Beautiful and supple, they held a deadly secret.

Noldinwe: Quarnel, we were once so close. I must insist you come to my wedding. And look, I’ve bought you these lovely shoes. Just perfect for dancing!

Narrator: And so Quarnel attended, and upon the reception he began to dance. Quickly the rhythm of the music picked up, and quickly his feet began to move. And they grew warmer, and warmer, until they grew hot. Until they began to scorch the flesh of his feet.

Quarnel: Noldinwe, what have you done? These shoes—they’ve—by the Stars!

Narrator: But Quarnel could not stop dancing, not until he took his very last breath. And all that time Noldinwe simply smiled.

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