The Gambler’s Art

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Hello, my friend, come take a seat,
grab something sweet, and join us for some fun.
The tickle felt in this one's ear
as you drew near says you've got a tidy sum.

The clink of coins from your jaunty loins
Sing of riches to be won.
Let down your mane, join in our game.
We've only just begun!

Place your wager, raise the stakes
Build a tower from your drakes.
Draw your fortune, toss your wealth
Risk it all, you'll have your health.
And if you wind up on the street
At least you lived like true Khajiit.

I see, my friend, that you have pluck
but you're short on luck—that hand was hard to beat.
And if you find you're feeling cross
about this tragic loss, there's a cause for your defeat.

You took your chance on a furtive glance
At cards that couldn't compete.
But this cat's eyes, they tell no lies
Next time be more discreet.

Take a gamble, oops you're done.
Now you're broke, tuck tail and run!
Don't make a scene or swear and roar.
Tossed out, to hoots and howls galore
Next time your money's on deceit
Have the good sense to try and cheat.

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