How the Yokudans Chased the Stars

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

… and the Yokudan, who was also called the Star Man, studied the stars and charted their movements. He saw that when the Warrior was high in the sky, victory followed. And when the Warrior was gone from the sky, came famine and desolation. He charted this cycle across the seasons, through two risings and settings he recorded the Warrior’s astral path.

And the Star Man said to his kinsmen: “Let us follow the Warrior and find the place where he rests and pledge ourselves to him, so that victory will follow us all our days, and never again will we suffer famine and desolation.”

And it was agreed. The Star Man led the Yokudans by ship, following the path of the Warrior, across mountains and vast deserts. And victory followed them, and famine and desolation fled before them.

And the Warrior’s charges were three. The Lord, the Lady, and the Steed. And they paid homage to these with gifts and incense….

And where the Warrior was at his apex, there they ended their journey. There they built a temple and a tomb for all the warriors who had died on the journey. And in death the Warrior honored them and made them his eternal guardians, undying as the stars, and as numerous.

The place where they stopped has not been marked on any map. But any who wish to find it must only do as they did, and follow the Warrior.

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