From Nirn to the Aether

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Still recovering from prior incident with the device. Some adjustments need to be made, obviously. More magicka is needed, much more, along with a better method of forcefully channeling it into upward movement.

And next time I hope to land in the water.

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without setbacks and pain. And what goal could be greater than this? They laughed when I shouted “From Nirn to the Aether … and back!” from the rooftops, but I will have the last chortle. It is more than a motto to me, it is my life’s quest.

It can be done and I will do it. Every trial takes me one step closer. Tomorrow’s attempt will be the breakthrough, I feel it in my bones. I sense the stars aligning in favor of my quest. My name will be recorded in the scrolls of history!

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