Draugr and the Dragon Cult

Author: Skormvnir Kyrrund
Released In:

by Dragon Cult Chronicler, Skormvnir Kyrrund

There is little scripture detailing the ancient followers of the Dragon Cult and their relationship to their priests. Many have attempted to comprehend the full depth of this connection, only to woefully underestimate the true sacrifice.

The draugr that roam the halls of long forgotten Dragon Cult tombs are so much more than mere shambling, mindless creatures. They are our fiercest protectors. They, who have given all to the Dragon Cult, who spend eternity in service to the Dragon priests. Their worship is endless. It continues even now, long after the fall of our ancestors. This should be heartening. It is a sign that though Skyrim may think of the Dragon Cult only as a distant memory, we will never truly be snuffed out.

The Dragons promised our priests eternal life. These draugr are the loyal followers who worship, and sustain the priests, even in death. They wake every night to perform a ritual that transfers their energy to the revered priest, and then slumber once more. Eternal protectors. Worship which is most pure, undeterred by time or circumstance.

We should cherish these draugr. They are our most honored brethren.

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