On Proper Whip Procedures

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

For the lifeblood of me, I cannot fathom how matters have gotten to this point. Read this note and feel the deep shame and scathing scorn of all senior Instructors bearing down on you. If you have done any of the items on this list, turn yourselves over to Instructor Togarus Vano for reeducation.

– Before beginning the lesson make sure the pupil is kneeling within the designated lines; my patience for slipping over improperly spilled blood has run out.
– If the whip does not make a cracking sound fit to split a tree trunk in twain, you are handling it incorrectly.
– If you concede control to these pupils then you are not fit to serve Lord Dagon.
– If your pupil’s bones become visible, you have failed. If pupils cannot work, you deprive them of other Instructor’s lessons.
– Lastly, if you are scheduled to use the whip on a pupil, return it to its proper place at the end of your session. I am tired of wasting my time searching for a strip of leather when I could be guiding another toward Mehrunes Dagon.

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