Recipe for Book Soup

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Author (in-game): Anonymous

I make no allusions to this recipe having any flavor, only that it is the closest I can get to making a palatable soup.

Begin by tearing pages from a book and finely shredding them. The smaller the pieces, the smoother the soup’s texture.

Next, add the book bindings to a cauldron and begin to boil. The goal is to break down the binding glue and soften the leather.

Once the cauldron has reached a rolling boil you can start removing the leather bindings. Be sure to scrape any remaining glue back into the cauldron.

The broth, which should look milky, is ready for seasoning. Lately, we’ve taken to adding foot wraps or shirts to the broth in order to pull out the salt from our sweat. Wood from broken bookshelves makes for wonderful aromatics, along with any feathered quills. Get creative.

While the broth is seasoned, begin to chop the leather book bindings into thin, short strips. They should be easy to cut from their initial boiling. These strips will be the “meat” of the soup. If done properly, the texture is chewy in a not too unpleasant way. Once you’re done filleting the bindings, remove your aromatics and seasoning clothes and replace with your filleted leather.

Continue to cook the broth until a binding strip can be ripped by one’s teeth.

Now, add the finely shredded pieces of paper and stir until your eyes glaze over and hunger is about to consume you. This should be ample time for the paper to have broken down into a potato-like texture.

Serve and enjoy.

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