The Criminal Mind

Released In:
Author (in-game): Scholar Mingalion

Several years ago I paid a visit to the Imperial City Prison. There I had opportunity to examine the corpses of several prisoners who, by all accounts, had been extremely violent and disturbed individuals. While performing a routine autopsy on an infamous Colovian brigand named Villius, I discovered an unusual indentation at the base of his skull. From this singular observation, I developed a theory with two key points.

First, criminal behavior originates in large measure from deformities of the brain. Second, violent criminals may exhibit skull structures of the earlier races of Mer and Men, known for their violence. These criminals, I believe, can therefore be identified on the basis of similar physical characteristics, such as a large jaw and a sloping forehead.

Based upon my copious research and the measurements of such traits, I have created a hierarchy of criminal species among the races, with Nords, Redguards, and Dunmer at the top, and Bosmer, Bretons, and Khajiit at the bottom. I must profess a greater appreciation for the common caliper!

Sadly, attempts to publish my theories have only been met with hostility and derision. I have been openly accused of deriding the races! I have decided, therefore, to set my work down on paper in the hopes that future generations might be more willing to examine this entirely new branch of science with opened minds.

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