Old Snagara Breeding Guide

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

If you're reading this, I'm probably dead, just like the last ten caretakers. Whoever's next should benefit from what I learned from them, so I'm writing it down.

You don't do much. Just make sure she stays in the cage. Every few days, another comes out. I don't know how the bull gets here, but he's very sneaky. One of the healers said that some animals impregnate themselves sometimes. But that sounds really stupid. Safety tips:

1. Don't open the cage to brush her or groom her. She will bite you.

2. When the baby comes, ask for help. You'll need at least a dozen hands to hold her still while you take it.

3. Cage the baby quickly. They will run away. Most important, whatever you do, don't slaughter a baby near her. The first caretaker did that, and now he's buried nearby with half of her crest buried in his gut.

Stay safe, and good luck. I hope I'm rich, fat, and retired by the time you read this.

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