A Petition for the Mighty Nix-Ox

Author: Anonymous
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Yes, we are thankful for the mighty nix-oxen of our land. These gentle giants, a distant cousin to nix-hounds, were our salvation when we were forced to go without slaves, and have been the backbone of the farming community ever since. But have you stopped to think about what we are doing to these magnificent creatures?

Unlike a slave, whose daily labors would only create callous and muscle, the nix-ox is forced to plow the land by dragging their pedipalps through the soil. This creates furrows for our saltrice, marshmerrow, and other needed crops. Many of our livelihoods depend on the quick growth and trade of these items. But what is the true cost of these goods?

The nix-ox is not a beast of steel as the Dwarves once created, but a living, breathing animal. Over years of dedicated service, the nix-ox pedipalps begin to erode. Not only do they lose this important form of protection, they are then deemed useless by our “good neighbor” the farmer. They’re left to starve in the ash wastes, or butchered for their carapaces. What a fine way to thank the being who put so many years of dedication into the very soil of Vvardenfell!

“But what can we do?” you may be asking. “Is there a better way?” Fellow Housefolk, of course there is. There’s always a better way.

I believe that the law should require all farmers to retire nix-oxen after a certain amount of years of service.They then should be allowed a peaceful retirement, still given food and care by those who they have peacefully collaborated with throughout the years. They deserve all of the tasty mushrooms they can get their mandibles on, and peace and comfort in their twilight years.

To make this vision possible I propose a public mandate, a petition to protect our gentle giant friends. All you need to do is show your support. Will you join me, House Dunmer?

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