Prudence in Practice

Author: Elleraame of Sunhold
Released In:

Any accomplished wizard knows that safety when experimenting with new spells is of the utmost importance—especially when utilizing destruction magic. Too many times, I have had to treat a student with horrific burns or frostbite, or helped clean up the aftermath of a spell misfired in a location inappropriate for training, such as personal quarters.

You must take care when casting new spells, and there is no excuse for reckless behavior or slack adherence to the rules. These simple guidelines will protect you from your most dangerous enemy: carelessness.

1. Never practice spells with elemental output indoors. No exceptions!
2. When training with a staff, find a large, open space and check the weapon for impurities and damage before every use.
3. Closing your eyes while casting will not make your spells more potent—trust me!
4. Never attempt to use an untested destruction spell as a prank on another student (or any other spell, to be honest; try to be professional).

Remember: even the masters—especially the masters—know to take the proper precautions at all times. Magical destruction is exciting and alluring, but any wizard with lazy, sloppy habits and irresponsible behavior won't survive to explore it!

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