How We Came to Fly

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Before Fadomai defied Ahnurr and the world was born, Khenarthi flew swift and high, beyond even great Alkosh’s reach. Though she was boundless and free, she had no one to share her joy with, so she begged her mother to give her someone to share the skies. Fadomai gave her Jone and Jode in the night, Magrus in the day, and Azurah in the between, but each could only follow the path meant for them, and none could truly share Khenarthi’s joy. Seeing this, Azurah spoke to Khenarthi a secret only they would share.

When one of Azurah’s faithful children reached the end of their life, Khenarthi would snatch them up from Nirni’s jealous claws and spirit them away to the Sands Behind the Stars. Thus, our chosen people were granted a path to Llesw’er, and Khenarthi could finally share her joy.

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