Bonegrinder’s Skull

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

When King Torug was alive, he allied with the mightiest of the snow bears of Wrothgar. The beast earned the name “Bonegrinder” by serving as the king’s mount in hundreds of battles.

After many years, however, Bonegrinder grew weary. Torug found him a lair in the far north. There, the snow bear slept, ate, and mated, passing on his bloodline to many powerful cubs. Eventually, Bonegrinder succumbed to old age. King Torug turned part of the lair into a tomb for his faithful friend and sealed it away.

One day, it is said, Bonegrinder will rise again. The sign of his reawakening will be the claiming of his skull. Only a hero of Wrothgar can perform this deed—or so the legends say.

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