The Massacre at Cormount

Released In:
Author (in-game): Camoran Gorinir

The Jade Butcher brought her army in at night, like thieves. The good citizens of Cormount, no matter their faith in the True King, Camoran Gelthior, could not stand in the face of High Elf treachery.

The soldiers set fire to the trees. Burned Valenwood itself! As the families fled their homes, the cavalry rode them down. Children were rounded up and strangled in the streets. The Jade Butcher’s thugs forced the parents to watch!

I personally led the Blacksap’s response, I saw what they had done. Our anger was swift and righteous. We drove the Butcher’s forces to the ruins outside of Cormount. We called the Green to aid us in destroying these invaders.

But the Jade Butcher’s real treachery had only just begun. Her mages had poisoned the Green! Without our true ally to aid us—Valenwood itself—her forces rallied and resumed their slaughter. Though outnumbered four to one, the Blacksap fought on—for Valenwood, for Elden Root, for Cormount.

Remember this massacre, my brothers and sisters. Remember the Jade Butcher and the Dominion that considers her a hero. Remember that my father, the True King, vanished that day. Though he is thought to be among the dead, I still hold out hope.

Hope that Valenwood itself will rise again. That those loyal to the True King will rise with it.

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