Bounty: Juvenile Mudcrab

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

This book was included in Fishing from the Creation Club

Bounty: Juvenile Mudcrab

After hanging up my sword and bow to live a quieter life, I decided to study the lives and habitats of mudcrabs here at the Riften Fishery. It is my hope that one day we might breed mudcrabs much like we do fish. If only everyone else at the Fishery shared my interest…

I am in search of a juvenile mudcrab so that I may study its growth. These young mudcrabs rarely leave the water, so I now need an intrepid fisherman to catch one. They can be caught in almost all lakes and streams throughout Skyrim, though a breeding ground is said to be in Whiterun west of Broken Fang Cave.

Please make haste. I must show progress in my research as soon as possible.

— Viriya, Riften Fishery

Note to self: It’s been twelve days since an adventurer took up this bounty. And so far, nothing! How much longer must I wait?

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