An Excerpt from Deities of the Orsimier

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

The debate rages on though – who is the proper deity of our people? In ancient days, the people would claim Trinimac – the warrior god. Our people are battle-hardened and strong, so it would only make sense, would it not? Trinimac is also considered an Aedra and not a mere prince. Surely one such as the great Trinimac would be the one our people look up to?

But debate between the clans has raged on for many years. The popular belief now is that Malacath, a mere Daedric Prince, is truly the father of our people. This side would not be wrong either, in my opinion. Malacath too represents many of the same traits that Trinimac does. Strength, trials of self-worth.

So I bring the idea to you – what if these two entities are one in the same? There have been some claims that this is the case, and if you look deep enough, we find evidence that this might actually be the case. See my references notes in the next chapter, and how these two entities line up side by side-.”

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