A Supplicant’s Song

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Free us from Mehrunes Dagon, we plea
Chaos he spawns upon us with glee
Spare all from hardship and grant calm repose
Share with us safety from all he’d impose.

Help us stay sheltered from Dagon’s harsh fires
Shield us from the wicked harm he inspires
We serve as pawns within his many games
Guard everyone from his destructive aims.

Blunt all the edges of Dagon’s dire blades
Staunch the dread bleeding from his grave crusades.
His followers revel in such ghastly strife
Please put an end to his spilling of life.

Aid us when Dagon’s disasters unfold
Grant all succor beyond our stout threshold
Keep us unfettered from ambition’s chains
Else all will perish from ruinous pains.

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