The Green Lady’s Primer for Children

Released In:

Listen now, fair children, to the song-story I tell. I am the Green Lady, Her Verdant Highness.

Do not look away. I know I am fearsome to behold. They call me the Vengeance of the Woods for good reason.

Green is my name and Green is my creed, as like all good children of Valenwood I am a friend of the forest.

What is the Green Pact? It is a promise, nothing more and nothing less. It is a gift that the Green gives freely, in exchange for our protection and our love.

In Valenwood, our one true home, the ancient world still stands as it did the day that Y’ffre, beloved Singer, took the Ooze and spun the trees and the Elves and the beasts into story and song.

Let us go now go through the different aspects of the Pact. What it means, how you can follow it, and why it is important.

Remember always your venerations: “In the Storyteller’s name, I stand upon the bones of the world. I drink in the promise and power of nature’s law, and breathe out my thanks.”

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