Lucius the Stalwart

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Lucius the Stalwart was the protege of a former Champion, Hagrof the Righteous. Lucius was a scholar who came to the Blessed Crucible after he was hired to write Hagrof’s legacy. The volume was unfinished when Hagrof was defeated, and the loss of his mentor sent Lucius into a rage. Swearing to avenge him, Lucius trained for decades in an attempt to master Hagrof’s skills, all the while building up an immunity to The Thousand Arrow’s poison. The fight between Lucius and The Thousand Arrows was long and bloody. In the end, Lucius’ ability to withstand the poison allowed him to claim victory, but the process left him permanently weakened. A year later, a challenger named Whitebear appeared. In his weakened state, Lucius was no match for him. As his life’s blood drained from his crumpled body, it is said that Lucius welcomed his death, as Hagrof had been avenged and was awaiting his loyal servant in Sovngarde.

Usurped: The Thousand Arrows

Defeated By: Whitebear

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