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Wyresses: The Name-Daughters

Attributed to Glargargil the Speaking Oak

In Elden time, Elven time, Jephre did come
A-naming of creatures where'er he did run
As all was chaotic, and names were unknown
His gift was a name for each beast, plant, and stone
Then all knew their places except Men and Mer
Who plundered and ravaged wherever they were
"I name you the Earth-Bones," Jephre decreed,
"Lords of the forest, rock, root, and seed.
This heritage nurture, henceforth be its guards
And designate worthies to act as its wards."
Thereafter did Wyrd Women watch o'er the Green,
From tundra to forest, from peak to ravine,
Reminding all creatures, be it tiger or worm
Of their name and their nature, their function and form.
Would-be corrupters who'd canker the Green
Shall face wyress warding wherever they're seen.
So tread woods with caution, respect Jephre's way
Lest Wyrd women watching abduct you away.