A Star Walks In Craglorn

Released In:
Author (in-game): Adandora the Tale-weaver

He fell from the sky, a star descended from Aetherius to walk among the commonfolk. Some called him Celestial. Others, the Warrior. But me? I called him “my love.”

I met my love on a desolate road, not far from the town of Dragonstar. I was moving quickly through the darkness, trying to avoid the notice of the Iron Orcs and Scaled Court soldiers who seemed to be around every turn and bend. It was around just such a bend in the landscape that I literally ran into the tall, powerfully built man in the ancient armor.

He caught me before I fell, steadying me with a strong hand that literally sparkled like the stars in the sky. “Where do you run to in such a hurry, fair maiden,” he said. His voice was deep and resonate, sending shivers throughout my body.

* * *
Damn it! This is terrible! Perhaps I should stick to writing true accounts of the happenings in this wartorn region. I never was very good at pure fiction. Oh, wait! I have another idea. I wonder if the Warrior is fond of peacock confit and aurum potabile?

Maybe I will keep writing and see how this turns out after all.

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