Riddles of the Dragon

Released In:

Riddle of Battle
March forth and reap the six strongest foes where the dunes give way to golden plains beneath the moons.

Riddle of War
Plunder the spoils from beneath the war-scarred land torn thrice-wise, where the wood cracks, the hay takes note, and the toads rest their feet.

Riddle of the Moon
From the monastic garden guarded by ordered claws, pluck that which blooms only in the light of the dark moon.

Riddle of the Hunt
Give chase to quarry in the sun-kissed lands from where Mizbi and her Dragon made flight. Red in tooth and claw is your prey.

Riddle of the Game
Best an adversary on a battlefield bereft of pain and blade and death, for prestige and patron’s love.

Riddle of the Rich
Seek two sets of sequestered spoils in the three major settlements of Reaper’s March.

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