Jokes & Riddles

Challenges of the Indrik

Challenge of the Anchor Vile Daedric creations fall from the skies. Scourge their presence from the land known as Auridon. Challenge of Teamwork With fellow heroes by your side, face off against other champions seeking glory. Challenge of Strength Vile beings of superior strength await your challenge in the delves of Auridon. Slay them. Prove

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Games of the Netch

The Tinker’s Game A tinkerer will lose their trade if their next invention is not successful. Collect rare materials for them by defeating powerful enemies in the Forgotten Wastes and Nchuleftingth. A Game of Honor Battle rages in the Imperial City. Soldiers who lost their lives have not been paid the proper respects. Defeat Daera

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Riddles of the Dragon

Riddle of Battle March forth and reap the six strongest foes where the dunes give way to golden plains beneath the moons. Riddle of War Plunder the spoils from beneath the war-scarred land torn thrice-wise, where the wood cracks, the hay takes note, and the toads rest their feet. Riddle of the Moon From the

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