Games of the Netch

Released In:

The Tinker’s Game
A tinkerer will lose their trade if their next invention is not successful. Collect rare materials for them by defeating powerful enemies in the Forgotten Wastes and Nchuleftingth.

A Game of Honor
Battle rages in the Imperial City. Soldiers who lost their lives have not been paid the proper respects. Defeat Daera in the city and collect these tokens of the fallen.

A Game of Goods
A traveling group of merchants were robbed of their belongings. Recover them from the Vassir-Didanat Mines.

A Game of Ash
Daedra can be found making lives miserable across Vvardenfell, Send them back to their realms so goodly folk can sleep at night.

The Fisher’s Game
An infection threatens a family of skilled artists. Eating fish freshly caught from the waters around Vvardenfell will provide the cure. Catch fish for a healing feast!

The Mirror Game
West Weald is under attack. Defend the farmers of the region from anything that comes out of the mirrored incursion portals there.

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