The Legend of Thukhozod

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Oh what a legend we have wrought! Who would ever dare to challenge the powerful and immortal Thukhozod, master of the necromantic arts? Thukhozod is, was, and forever shall be. He appeared hundreds of years ago and established a hidden sanctum where he could perform his rituals and experiments in relative peace. He frightens the locals, he communes with chiefs and warlords, and he consults with the spirits of the dead.

Now, as I enter my thirtieth year as Thukhozod the Eternal, I have decided to write down our dirty little secret. Thukhozod isn’t one, he’s many, and I am just the latest in a long line of powerful necromancers.

The first Thukhozod was the original Thukhozod, an Orc necromancer with a plan and a dream. He claimed to be immortal when he participated in the Three Clans War, and certainly his efforts were recognized as significantly contributing to the victory of Shatul Clan. But I don’t believe what happened next was his idea. I think that credit should go to his son, Glazoz.

When Thukhozod died unexpectedly, his son and apprentice Glazoz decided to keep the event a secret. He dealt with his father’s body and took on his identity. In that way, Thukhozod continued and his march toward immortality was on.

The list of Orcs, each and every one an ancestor of mine, goes on for pages and is stored in a hidden vault deep within this sanctum. It includes at least two daughters who replaced their fathers and took on the role without giving any indication as to their true genders. Now, as this damnable illness eats away at me, I await the arrival of my own son, Khoruzoth. His mother, Yazoga, was supposed to present him with his heritage. He should be on his way as I write this. I hope he arrives while I’m still healthy enough to help him with the transition to his new life.

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