Tishi’s Research Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Tishi

Symptoms: Increased strength and constitution, followed by disorientation and eventual madness. Rambling statements characterized by multiple references to someone called “Shada.”

Cause: The discolored water in the ruin of Shada’s Tear appears to afflict any who drink it.

Experimental Cure: A concoction of somnalius fern to calm the mind quierts the afflicted for a time, but rambling resumed thereafter.

Experimental Treatment One: Poison introduced to induce vomiting after water consumption, but vomiting did not alleviate symptoms.

Experimental Treatment Two: Applied ginko and aloe to forehead to stimulate humors in the brain, but produced no noticeable effect.

Experimental Treatment Three: Attempted to purify the water through boiling and adding various neutralizing reagents, but curse remains intact.

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