The Reformatory Register

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Rain’s Hand Intake Log

Denotation Action Date

Norymelian Recruit First Sundas

* * *
Vittoria Rullus Reeducation First Morndas

* * *
Dexion Closcius Lashing First Tirdas

* * *
Otho Mamanus Reeducation First Middas

Sabina Messala Hard Labor First Middas

Camilla Volusus Reeducation First Middas

* * *
Pibiha Recruit Second Sundas (Looks feisty. Book for Hard Labor)

Kristelas Recruit Second Sundas

Bargus Recruit Second Sundas

Delvyn Recruit Second Sundas

Kalrish Recruit Second Sundas

* * *
Glanil Reeducation Second Morndas

Stal Reeducation Second Morndas

* * *
Martina Horatius Lashing Second Middas

Tynan Nathans Lashing Second Middas

* * *
Waken Reeducation Second Turdas

* * *
Ananmir Recruit Third Sundas

Vistha-Ta Recruit Third Sundas

Nizjhan Recruit Third Sundas

Zoe Reynaud Recruit Third Sundas

* * *
Alfe Falavel Reeducation Third Morndas

(Fourth intake. Instructor’s choice to terminate)

* * *
Skavolf Hard Labor Third Tirdas

Phinis Len Reeducation Third Turdas

Keel-Kilaya Lashing Third Turdas

* * *
Olyn Brenur Reeducation Third Fredas

Hazzine Reeducation Third Fredas

* * *
Kud-Tei Recruit Fourth Sundas

Abahazi Recruit Fourth Sundas

Gallvorch Recruit Fourth Sundas

(Appears very mailable. Accelerated Courses)

Ukka-Sa Recruit Fourth Sundas

Helvenne Recruit Fourth Sundas

* * *

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