The Interment of Feremuzh

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Know, O Descendant, the difficulties faced by your ancestors in their own lives. Herein follows the tale of Feremuzh. Feremuzh abandoned the tradition of his ancestors to join the unholy undead. He became a creature that degraded itself to hide from the sun and consume the blood of the living. He plagued the land, consuming life and turning the dead he created into his own followers.

Your ancestors were bound to tradition—they could not lift blade against the honored dead, they could not resist the plague that Feremuzh had brought with him. The wisest of your ancestors, O reader, were gathered. In time they concluded that there was only one method to deal with the villain Feremuzh. A group of the strongest males would have to seek out the lair used by Feremuzh to hide from the bright Alik’r sun.

The strongest men were assembled, and sent forth to seek out the villain’s lair. The men were instructed to only travel in the protection of the sun, and to hide under the moon when Feremuzh would be out to hunt. The men were wise to follow their elder’s advice, and they remained unfound and untouched till they happened upon Feremuzh’s lair.

Know, O reader, that what ensued is unclear, but what is clear is that the men sacrificed themselves to bring the lair down upon Feremuzh. In doing so, your ancestors trapped Feremuzh in a tomb of earth for time eternal. That earth has been deemed unholy and accursed. Know the marks of the cursed land so you may avoid it. The entrance is tucked into the base of a sharp cliffside, at the end of a path cutting through the rocks. On a bright day one can see and hear the nearby shore, don’t let the sea lull you in a false sense of security. Ruins of our ancestors watch over the cursed land. Avoid this place, and leave the damned to rot.

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