The Unraveling Staff

Author: Judicator Umberwen
Released In:

Report of Judicator Umberwen

Transcribed by Relicmaster Glenadir

Report 4587: Sun's Height, 27th

Suspect taken into custody and staff under magical quarantine. Official documents within suspect's home reveals he was commissioned to create the staff for a prominent weaver within the city. It's theorized that the staff was originally intended to unravel tangled threads.

Several eye witness accounts have been collected from the incident:

"Yes, I've been Anillyon's neighbor for several years now. He told me all about it. Called it the Unraveling Staff. Last I heard, it was working spectacularly. Why, what happened?"

"It was madness! He was running down the street, laughing maniacally. And everywhere he pointed, the poor mer's clothes would just fall right apart! So embarrassing."

"I don't know about clothes falling apart. I was too distracted by the buildings coming undone! Stones and planks, flying from their place as if they were alive. I didn't know about—how many deaths, did you say?"

"Yes, I saw it. He pointed the staff and—oh, she was just a young woman. I'll try to describe it but. Oh, that poor thing. It's as if her flesh just—I'm sorry, I don't think I can continue."

Suspect detained until court approved date. No bail will be offered.

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