Keepers of the Grove

Released In:
Author (in-game): Urig the Wanderer

My travels have taken me to many sacred places, but few are as beautiful or as serene as the Shrine of Kynesgrove. The rolling hills, the majestic trees. The lake filled with cool, clear water. The sun seems to paint the area with highlights of brilliant gold.

The shrine is breathtaking, sitting upon a rise and dominated by many standing stones carved with holy runes. The place truly seems to have been kissed by Kyne’s icy breath.

The Keepers of the Grove are part of a holy order dedicated to the Goddess of Storm. They care for the grounds, offer daily sacraments, and maintain two lodges used as houses for the Keepers and hostels for visiting pilgrims.

I’ve never met a more dedicated group. They truly seem to be devoted to their god and to their cause, intent on maintaining the shrine and assisting pilgrims in their prayers.

The pilgrims come from all across Skyrim to seek Kyne’s blessing. Soldiers especially seek out the Warrior Goddess before they go into battle. Kyne’s blessing adds power to their weapons and fortifies their armor. It promises to keep them safe and victorious through the rigors of war. To receive this blessing, pilgrims pray for a day and a night in the grove, offering praise and gifts to the goddess while asking for protection and strength in battle.

The Keepers offer guidance and counsel to those who need it, a friendly word to those who don’t, and food and lodging to all who seek Kyne’s wisdom and support. This is truly a blessed place.

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